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A family practice in Southfields

Elborough Street Surgery has been here for over 70 years.

Elborough Street Surgery has been established in Southfields since 1948. We operate from two converted houses in Southfields Grid and the practice has approximately 8,000 patients.

We have 2 GP Partners and 3 Salaried GPs who share a commitment to provide high quality medical care. We are a teaching practice and work with Medical Students from St George’s Medical School.

We have a team of nurses and heath care assistants who provide general nursing care, well person check-ups, help to stop smoking and other advice. The nurses also run a travel advice and immunisations clinic. The surgery is part of Wandle Primary Care Network, which is made up of Elborough Street Surgery and four other local GP surgeries. We share other clinical staff who can see our patients such as Clinical Pharmacists, First Contact Physiotherapists, Social Prescribers and a Community Paramedic. Reception and Administrative Staff are an essential part of the Practice and they work as a team to navigate patients and co-ordinate their care. We work hard to provide a helpful, friendly and efficient service.


Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about delivering the very best care for our patients in a safe, effective and empathetic environment.

We want our patients to achieve greater well-being. We aim to work with our patients and through improved learning, encourage everyone to make informed decisions about their health care.

We are committed to the continuous development of our staff and with supportive mentoring we aim to empower all the team to achieve their full potential.

Through creative innovation we strive to lead our local primary care network to succeed in an ever changing landscape.


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Covid 19 advice - parents

Whilst coronavirus is infectious to children it is rarely serious. If your child is unwell it is likely to be a non-coronavirus illness, rather than coronavirus itself. Whilst it is extremely important to follow Government advice to stay at home during this period, it can be confusing to know what to do when your child is unwell or injured. Remember that NHS 111, GPS and hospitals are still providing the same safe care that they have always done.


Bowel cancer screening in London

We are supporting a London-wide campaign to encourage more patients to do their free NHS bowel cancer screening home test, which checks if you could have bowel cancer.

People who are the right age are sent a free NHS FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) kit every two years. You use it to collect a small sample of poo and post it back to an NHS lab.

The campaign by NHS London, “Your next poo could save your life”, urges more people to use their kit – a message we wholeheartedly endorse. Screening can help prevent bowel cancer and find it at an early stage when it’s easier to treat. People who complete their screening are 25% less likely to die of bowel cancer.

The kits are for people with no symptoms and most people get the all-clear. If you are aged 56, 58 (on or after 16 May 2022) or 60 to 74 and we have your correct address, you will be sent a kit every 2 years.

Please use it. By April 2025, bowel cancer screening kits will be for everyone aged 50 to 74 in England. To find out more and hear from other Londoners about their experience of bowel cancer screening, visit:

If you have symptoms of bowel cancer which last for three weeks or more, please contact the practice and ask for an appointment.

getUbetter App -Self refer

Back, Leg, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle pain? Learn how to self-manage with this free digital tool. Follow the link below for more details and to sign up.