Private Fees - 2023 /2024

Private requests and limitations

As an NHS practice, we follow NHS protocols and national guidelines in line with our GP contract and this means that there are limitations and restrictions to what we can provide as a NHS GP practice. Some prescriptions and some investigations are not available from NHS GP services.

We appreciate that some patients choose to see a private provider. If general practices receive requests from private providers to arrange tests or investigations, it is important to note that complying with such requests – regardless of the GPs management and treatment of the patient – is outside the scope of NHS primary medical services. We understand that this can be frustrating but there are certain medications, tests and monitoring which are not supported on the NHS and are outside of our NHS contract. If a private provider suggests a medication for you, then they are obliged to prescribe this for you. We cannot routinely convert these private prescriptions to NHS prescriptions.

If a private provider suggests some tests and investigations for you, then they are obliged to arrange this for you. It is not appropriate to pass these requests back to NHS GP services. This includes private screening tests. Private providers have an obligation to provide a written letter to the patient’s registered GP with any clinical findings. If a private consultation or test discovers an ongoing medical condition, we understand that some patients may then wish to transfer their care back to the NHS for ongoing treatment. The private letters detailing the clinical  information about your medical problem or test findings routinely take up to 2 weeks to arrive and get processed with the GP. We are happy to discuss these letters with patients and arrange NHS referral to specialists where needed for ongoing advice and management back in the NHS.

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The NHS provides most healthcare to the majority of patients free of charge, but there are exceptions.

Not every NHS treatment and services in England are  free of charge. Please see our table below of our Non-NHS work fees.

These fees are non-negotiable. Payment can be made by cash or card. Card is preferred.

Reports: Cost Who pays
Fit to fly, including pregnancy £45 Patient
Firearms: review notes only / : submit a report £45 / £50 Patient
Freedom Pass £45 Patient
General Practitioner’s Report (GPR) for private medicals / Any additional information required £120 / £40 Company  
Private insurance forms (BUPA, vitality etc.) for specific conditions £45 Patient
'Fitness for' reports & questionnaires: exercise / holidays / gym £45 Patient
Holiday travel insurance (unable to travel) – who saw the patient £45 Patient
OFSTED (childminders) £91.00 Patient
Pension Form e.g. requesting statement of health £45 Patient
Pharmaceutical companies medical research report £45 Company
Police statement £40 Patient
Private sick note (absence from university, exams, jury service) £45 Patient
Private letters on patient request £45 Patient
Solicitors/ Occupational health reports – pro rata per hour £300 p/hour Company
Lasting power of attorney (at doctors discretion) signpost to solicitor if not comfortable £85 per form Patient
Medicals which require examination and report £75 Patient
Electrocardiogram (ECG) done in-house and report £150 Patient
Mandatory Reports:    
Department of Work and Pensions   Company
Employment Support Allowance   Company
Personal Independence Payments   Company
Adoption forms (40 min appt with GP, 10 min appt with HCA / nurse) £130 per child Patient
Driving – DVLA / HGV / PSV (30 min appt with Partner) £140 Patient
Marathon / running / sports £75 Patient
Modelling £75 Patient
Subject Access Request (SAR) Free  
We do not do:    
Private investigations (Done at Parkside Hospital)    
Blood grouping    
Diving medicals (done at St John’s and St Elizabeth Hospital 0207 806 4028)    
DNA testing using our equipment and NHS laboratory facilities    
Eye test    
Personal reference for citizenship application    
Passport photo signing for any patient    
Confirmation of registration    
Proof of address    
Shared care prescribing with private providers i.e. private ADHD prescriptions